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Penis problems caused by stress are far more common than many men think and here, we will look at why stress can cause penis problems and what you can do to reduce stress levels and get a harder penis when you need one.

While consuming alcohol in moderation will have no adverse effect on a man's sex drive or ability to get an erection, to much alcohol can leave a man unable to get an erection until he's sober and if to much alcohol is consumed over the long term erectile dysfunction is the result.

How to get erections is not a problem for most young men but as they get older, they start to fail to get erections as the ageing process comes into play. In addition, some men's lifestyles, disease or illness can mean they suffer from erectile dysfunction. Here we will look at men who have erection problems and give them simple tips on how to get hard erections.

If you smoke tobacco, your chances of getting erection problems and ending up with erectile dysfunction are greatly increased and in this article we will look at why smoking in a danger to your sexual health.

Many men ask the question how do I keep my penis hard and hold an erection for longer? Here we will look at some simple techniques to help you hold an erection for longer. The good news is all the tips we will give you are natural and safe and suitable for all men.

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